Respecifying Lab Ethnography

Respecifying Lab Ethnography

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Respecifying Lab Ethnography delivers the first ethnomethodological study of current experimental physics in action, describing the disciplinary orientation of lab work and exploring the discipline in its social order, formal stringency and skilful performance - in situ and in vivo. Drawing upon extensive participant observation, this book articulates and draws upon two major strands of ethnomethodological inquiry: reflexive ethnography and video analysis. In bringing together these two approaches, which have hitherto existed in parallel, Respecifying Lab Ethnography introduces a practice-based video analysis. In doing so, the book recasts conventional distinctions to shed fresh light on methodological issues surrounding the descriptive investigation of social practices more broadly. An engaged and innovative study of the encountered worksite, this book will appeal not only to sociologists with interests in ethnomethodology and the sociology of work, but also to scholars of science and technology studies and those working in the fields of ethnography and social science methodology.The experimental adequacy of any cut tip, as well as of the prior [tip-sharpening] procedure, was only to be found out in and through ... approach], [sample cleaning], and/or [tip sharpening]); second, monitoring procedures were enacted to proceed with topographic scanning. Yet it was ... a problem in physics tutorials: check the manual or assignment first, ask a comrade, and only then disturb the teacher.

Title:Respecifying Lab Ethnography
Author:Dr Philippe Sormani
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2014-10-28


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