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Five more years have passed. Everything is spiraling out of control and that is the good news. With each new shipload of colonists, the focus shifts and clarity diminishes. What was once a tight-knit community is gradually becoming something else, something more diffuse, something harder to pin down and categorize easily. Fifty thousand more inhabitants mean fifty thousand more variables in the overall equation that constitutes Junction, and almost everyone sees that as a good thing. The colony is blossoming and spreading outward. Five more years also means another full cycle of togetherness and separation for Charley and Clarity of Purpose. Five more years means another couple of layers of hope and despair added to the strata of Charleya€™s struggles. On the plus side, he now also has a daughter. On the negative, Clarity has returned to Arden with both her and her older brother to, pointedly, more fully inculcate them into Quanck society. Charleya€™s son now has a name, he has reached the naming age of six (Earth years.) That is the earliest that Quanck society deigns to notice the existence of another human soul in their midst. He and his mother have compromised on the name of a€œBridge Spannera€ but Charley, most often, still calls him Junior. The story has progressed in other areas as well but the war seems to be in something of a lull. The Han have not put in a single appearance in all that time but their threat flavors everyonea€™s lives. They will have to be dealt with, another duty Charley reluctantly assumes. His success or failure will determine the ultimate fate of the colony, and Earth as well. How hard can saving the human race be?He displayed to the screen a homemade gadget that looked like something a child might have put together. It was little more than a piece of pipe bound with wire to a block of plastic. Joshua Oxley had made a zip gun. a€œIt only took me an houranbsp;...

Author:C. William Ochsenhirt
Publisher:AbbottPress - 2014-02-18


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