Reputation, Stock Price, and You

Reputation, Stock Price, and You

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A company that takes a hit to its reputationa€”BP after the Gulf oil spill, Barclays after fiddling LIBOR, News Corp after the phone hacking scandala€”enters a world of grief: market value falls along with employee morale, regulatory scrutiny increases, and customers defect and boycott. Reputation, Stock Price, and You: Why the Market Rewards Some Companies and Punishes Others shows how a companya€™s reputation is created and how reputational value impacts corporate PaL and the personal finances of its many stakeholders. Better yet, it shows what you can do to profit from, increase, protect, monitor, evaluate, restore, and even insure reputational value. If your job, bonus, options, salary, or investments depend on the stock price of a public companya€”or on the sales, profitability, or value of a private companya€”you need to read this book to understand the concrete steps you can take to improve your firma€™s reputation, reduce risks to its finances and industry standing, and reap the highest reputational dividends. Using dozens of case studies, Reputation, Stock Price, and You: Explains how stakeholders, and their expectations, both shape and are shaped by a companya€™s reputation Describes how reputations for ethics, innovation, governance, quality, safety, sustainability, and security are created and lost Shows how you can influence the expectations and behaviors of stakeholders, which in turn can improve corporate finances, reduce operational risk, and increase stock price or market value Provides sensitive tools for tracking and predicting stock price as a function of reputational value metrics The majority of directors at U.S. public companies now count reputation as their firma€™s #1 concern, and with good reason. A firm with a superior reputation gains many benefits: Customers are more willing to pay higher prices, vendors and employees offer better terms for their services, creditors and equity investors offer better terms for capital, and regulators tend to be more forgiving. This book shows how to achieve and sustain a stellar reputation and how to convert it into its tangible form: reputational value. What youa€™ll learn How stakeholder expectations for a company help shape a companya€™s reputation How actions taken by a company in managing ethics, innovation, governance, quality, safety, sustainability, and security shape stakeholder expectations How a companya€™s reputation affects stakeholder behavior How corporate executives and directors have the unique opportunity to frame the entire reputation-forming process and build it into governance policies Why professional marketing, and communications efforts play a relatively minor role in reputation formation How the behavior of stakeholders collectively determine a companya€™s stock price or market value How to measure and improve your company's reputation and thus improve results in all areas Who this book is for Reputation, Stock Price and You is for senior executives and mid-level managers, directors, and market analysts, fund managers, and sophisticated individual investors.Toyota procures parts and components locally in the country ofthe production site as well as in third-world countries. ... total costs at a minimum, Toyota developed a standardized system of global distribution and supports the operation of theanbsp;...

Title:Reputation, Stock Price, and You
Author:Dr. Nir Kossovsky
Publisher:Apress - 2012-10-31


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