Red Steel

Red Steel

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The Cold War never heated up, but if it had, the Soviet Union was ready. This reference work details 73 major Soviet war machines, from the 2P26 qBaby Carriageq - a deceptively light, Jeep-like vehicle mounting four anti-tank missiles - to the T-80U main battle tank with its advanced armour and electronic countermeasures. Sixty-one photographs and drawings illustrate the work, and access to a web gallery with even more illustrations is included in the purchase.... speed: 50km/h Maximum road range: 460km Gradient: 60% Vertical obstacle: 0.8m Trench: 2.7m Armament: 1x100mm D10T2S gun (43 ... After firing, the gun moves to an elevation of +3Ad30a#39; and automatically ejects the spent case through an ejection port in the turret rear. ... The next round still has to be loaded manually.

Title:Red Steel
Author:Russell Phillips
Publisher:Shilka Publishing - 2013-04-05


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