Red Lightning

Red Lightning

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When scientist Jonathan Gault is fired from his high-paying job at a military research facility, he is desperate to find new sponsors for his bizarre experiments. Gault's new racket is a deadly home security business for the ultra-rich: booby-trapping their property with high-voltage electricity and snake venom injection devices. Kate Ford, investigative journalist, is tipped off about Gault's shady business. She sets out to uncover his scheme, but soon finds that she may be in over her head, as Gault won't hesitate to use any means necessary to rid himself of the snoop on his trail. Larry Cole, Chief of Detectives for the CPD, is led to Gault by his investigation into the recent strange deaths of criminals in booby traps. Cole and Ford team up to try and stop the renegade scientist, who has now built a solar-powered vehicle equipped with a flamethrower and a laser beam, which he has nicknamed Red Lightning. Gault's ingenuity, coupled with his fondness for high-powered explosives and deadly snakes, may well make him the most powerful foe Cole has ever faced.On the third try the lights flashed indicating that the thief had defeated the legendary LS 400a#39;s keyless locking device. ... The driver double-parked the Chevy at an angle, which would block anyone from seeing the Lexus from the opposite side of ... The electrical charge that coursed through him spasmed his body rigid. ... The thief had told her not to stick around if a problem developed before he got rolling.

Title:Red Lightning
Author:Hugh Holton
Publisher:Macmillan - 1999-04-15


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