Red Army Handbook, 1939-45

Red Army Handbook, 1939-45

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This volume opens with a review of the historical background of the Red Army in the year leading up to the outbreak of war in 1939, and follows with a discussion of the major themes in the development of Soviet forces during the Great Patriotic War that ensued in 1941. The Red Army's organizational structures are examined, from high command down to divisional level and below, which should help Western readers to understand the differences between the terminology of the Soviet and common Western (British, US and German) armies. Soviet combat arms - infantry, armor and mechanized forces, cavalry, airborne and special forces and artillery - are described from an organizational viewpoint. This is followed by a technical overview of the equipment - infantry weapons, armored vehicles and artillery, and support equipment. These sections are complemented by informative data charts.This book takes a look at the historical background of the Red Army, its major developments and organizational structures, combat arms and equipment.

Title:Red Army Handbook, 1939-45
Author:Steve Zaloga, Leland S. Ness
Publisher:Sutton Pub Limited - 1998


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