Rectifiers, cycloconverters, and AC controllers

Rectifiers, cycloconverters, and AC controllers

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Power electronic devices have had a tremendous effect on the transformation and utilization of electric power. This book is a quantitative study of the standard a.c. circuits using these devices. It offers an in-depth and practical analysis of the behaviour of rectifiers, cycloconverters, and a.c. controllers, along with the fundamentals of power electronics. All the material is extensively illustrated with numerical examples and graphs of waveforms which in themselves are a great source of information for everyone working in this field.Inspection of the phasor diagrams of Fig. 4.6(a) and 4.6(b) shows that ... The output voltage in this event is where V0, Vyr, and Vj, 6 are phasor representations of the voltages and Ntsp is the ratio of secondary to ... Creation of a voltage having a.

Title:Rectifiers, cycloconverters, and AC controllers
Author:Thomas H. Barton
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1994


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