Recipes for Car Care

Recipes for Car Care

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Preventive care isn't a mystery known only to professional auto mechanics, but rather a set of simple steps you can do yourself if you understand the qingredientsq that go into making your vehicle run. Recipes for Car Care is designed to enable you to perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle to lengthen its life while saving you money. This book covers everything from locating the hood latch to performing basic maintenance tasks such as oil changes to dealing confidently with professional mechanics and car manufacturers. Whether you are a novice at do-it-yourself automotive care or an experienced home mechanic, Recipes for Car Care will show you how to complete necessary car maintenance as easily as you would follow the qrecipesq of a cookbook.The green or red coolant will be visible, though sometimes these containers need a bit of dusting first in order for you to see anything. Some have a cold and hot level. If your engine is cold, you will be adding coolant to the cold level mark.

Title:Recipes for Car Care
Author:Kathleen E. Casagrande
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2001


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