Reality-Driven Investing

Reality-Driven Investing

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Don Hinman is a long time business owner who found stock market investing frustrating. He considered himself to be a value investor, but could never find a way to determine value that would consistently deliver profits. Today there is so much information instead of making decision making easier, it often confuses an investor. He set out to learn for himself the characteristics of a stock that would deliver profits to his stock portfolio year after year. He believed knowing what is relevant and what is not is essential when searching for stocks. Success in the stock market is dependent upon finding high value stocks with low prices. Many will say it is hard for non-professional investor to do this. Actually once an investor knows the characteristics of a good stock the search for high value stocks is easy to do. Don comes to some surprising conclusions about fiscal and monetary policy.the stocks not traded in the major stock exchanges.) There is no way to review each stock and sort them without the aid of a computer and stock market software . Up front, you need to buy the proper tools to do the job. I went years trying withoutanbsp;...

Title:Reality-Driven Investing
Author:Donald L. Hinman
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-01


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