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We would all like the world to become a better place. However, many people don t realize that until each one of us evaluates and improves our own behavior, this change can not occur. Laws and programs are helpful and are designed with good intentions, but there s only so much they can do. It really comes down to each person doing his part to live life as problem-free as possible. Since no one is an island unto himself, anyone s lack of personal responsibility or good ethics affects others whether just those close to him or the general population. Reality empowers you, not with fluff and hype, but with specific directions for minimizing the severity and number of problems you experience. You ll learn how to consider and prepare for nearly every situation you might encounter in life. Discover how you can become a more knowledgeable, resilient and worthwhile contributor to society by improving your life. If we really want to make the world a better place, every one of us needs to evaluate and better ourselves. The integrity of our society is deteriorating due to a lack of personal responsibility and good ethical Behavior. This applies to everyone regardless of financial, educational, and social class. Do your part to CREATE FAVORABLE SITUATIONS in areas of your life such as: Ethics, Finances, Self Sufficiency, Self Discipline, Self Care, Relationships, Sex, Drugs, Laws, Raising Children, and more. You can complain about the problems in our society, or you can become part of the solution, lead by example, make your life as problem-free as it can be, and encourage others to do the same.qIf possible, open up a credit card account with an individual store - retail store, gas station, etc. If they open an account for you when you have no credit history, it would likely be because you show stability ... Purchase or lease a vehicle. This is anbsp;...

Author:Alison Stein
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2008-06


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