Ready To Lead ePub eBook

Ready To Lead ePub eBook

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Are you ready to be a great leader? What does it take and what will people expect? As a first time leader, do you really understand why you should try to lead and not simply manage? Do you have what it takes? Do you know what people expect? Can you make it happen every day? With Get Ready To Lead you can as it demystifies leadership and offers you practical advice to help you as you first begin to think and then act like a successful leader. This book Focuses on leading, not managing as the core theme, but applies this to the more junior management levels within organizations. Translates a complex topic into an easy to follow guide, which avoids a sound-bite approach to leadership development and incorporates detailed discussions of how to do it in practice. Supports the reader continuously, through the provision of practical examples, exercises and clear action steps where appropriate, culminating in an end of book personal action plan. First time leaders face the greatest leadership challenges on a day to day basis. Make sure youa€™re prepared for the demands expected and know how to work them to the best advantage with this ultimate qhow toq management guide.You will probably have given it some thought, because everyone in your shoes does. ls leadership a function of management, or the other way round? ... Is a manager a leader, or a leader a manager? ... Understanding. organisations. If you were asked to explain what organisations do, you would probably respond withanbsp;...

Title:Ready To Lead ePub eBook
Author:Enda Larkin
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2014-12-19


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