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Readjustment is the continuing saga of Charley Johnson. He is an ordinary mechanic who discovers a way to adjust carburetors so that they can achieve 100 MPG. He is granted a patent, but his life is threatened by Big Oil and The Big Three Automakers. They attempt to prevent him from going into production of his adjustment. He faces attacks from Mexican street gangs, Japanese Ninjas, the French Foreign Legion, and an army of out-of-work auto makers. He is repeatedly challenged by three sons of his deceased partner.a€œWona#39;t people become curious seeing the same car going over the course day after day?a€ a€œThey might, but ... How large does it have to be to keep a charge that long?a€ a€œIta#39;s only a little larger than twice the size of a normal car battery. It isna#39;t the size ... a€œOkay, Ia#39;m gonna take a vote right now of everyone seated here at the table.

Author:Tom Peavler
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-10


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