Reading The Oxford English Dictionary

Reading The Oxford English Dictionary

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'I'm reading the OED so you don't have to. If you are interested in vocabulary that is both spectacularly useful and beautifully useless, read on...' Who among us does not know a wine-knight (a person who drinks valiantly), or someone who obaginates (to annoy by repeating over and over and over)? Who has not felt mumpish (sullenly angry) or appreciated the apricity (the warmth of sun in winter)? And who can honestly say they have not constulted (acted stupidly together) with a friend? The words themselves are delightful; their explanations are lexical gold. If you've ever suffered from onomatomania (vexation at having difficulty in finding the right word), Reading the OED will happify you.a#39;Ia#39;m reading the OED so you dona#39;t have to.

Title:Reading The Oxford English Dictionary
Author:Ammon Shea
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2010-09-22


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