Re-Imaging Modernity

Re-Imaging Modernity

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This is a book about Christianity in one particular region in Kenya. It walks into churches, listens to sermons, dances to music, and interviews the people sitting in the pews, all with the aim of understanding how spiritual power enables these churches to function as agents within their contemporary society. Ecclesiastical communities in Africa draw upon divine power in order to engage in modernity-related topics. Humans are not unresponsive to global flows of meaning; they are integrative agents who fashion their world by living in it. The kind of modernity arising from these churches does not blindly follow Western forms, but flows from its own internal logic in which spiritual power occupies central hermeneutical function. Theological resources contribute to the formation of sociological expressions. Divine power pertains directly to human constructs, which then allows the churches to actively image God for the development of unique forms of modernity arising on the continent.A Contextualized Theological Study of Power and Humanity Witin Akamba Christianity in Kenya Gregg A Okesson ... i sought to listen to the voices of clergy and laity through formal and informal interviews. in the beginning, all questions asked were largely similar, so as ... While some ofthe answers pertained to governing structures within the denomination, others moved in distinctly theological directions.

Title:Re-Imaging Modernity
Author:Gregg A Okesson
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2012-10-03


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