Rave Culture and Religion

Rave Culture and Religion

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The collection provides insights on developments in post-traditional religiosity (especially 'New Age' and 'Neo-Paganism') through studies of rave's Gnostic narratives of ascensionism and re-enchantment, explorations of the embodied spirituality and millennialist predispositions of dance culture, and investigations of transnational digital-art countercultures manifesting at geographic locations as diverse as Goa, India, and Nevada's Burning Man festival. Contributors examine raving as a new religious or revitalization movement; a powerful locus of sacrifice and transgression; a lived bodily experience; a practice comparable with world entheogenic rituals; and as evidencing a new Orientalism. Rave Culture and Religion will be essential reading for advanced students and academics in the fields of sociology, cultural studies and religious studies.... November to March Anjuna is completely transformed, doubling or tripling its population, and harboring hundreds of rented motorbikes and scooters, domestic tourism buses, taxi vans, auto-rickshaws, private cars, jeeps, and Land Rovers.

Title:Rave Culture and Religion
Author:Graham St John
Publisher:Routledge - 2004-06-01


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