Rational, Ethical, and Spiritual Perspectives on Leadership

Rational, Ethical, and Spiritual Perspectives on Leadership

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The author's experiences in many organizational and cultural contexts are reflected in this book's selection from his writings during the past twenty years. They portray an evolution in his mind-set - from rational to ethical to spiritual perspectives on leadership. This evolution is not just a personal matter; it reflects developments that are taking place, although usually tacitly, at the individual and corporate level throughout the world.altBRg A primary motivation underlying the development of the book is to inspire leaders as well as teachers and students of leadership to integrate their hearts, minds and souls when making decisions, and to develop the awareness and conviction that wise and successful leadership is concerned not only with effectiveness and wealth generation, but also with contributing to the well-being and fulfilment of all those whom one serves as a leader.altBRg The book is divided into six interrelated themes: Morals and Ethics; Ethical Accounting; Values and Leadership; Identity; Responsibility; and Spiritual-based Leadership.ESSAY A Reflection on the Good Life - Know Thyself If ten years ago (Referring to 1981 as the essay is from 1991; PP) someone had asked me what I meant by a#39; the ... From my childhood I learned that it was counterproductive to contemplate such questions. ... My academic approach was traditional and highly analytical.

Title:Rational, Ethical, and Spiritual Perspectives on Leadership
Author:Peter Pruzan
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2009


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