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This volume comprises the proceedings of the Second International Rangelands Congress held in Adelaide, Australia in May 1984, and includes some 350 contributions drawn from 43 different countries. The Congress addressed the problem of the conflict between land-users and the degradation of this valuable resource. Some 40% of the Earth's land surface is and or alpine and therefore unsuitable for agricultural cultivation. Collectively, these lands are known as rangelands and in their natural state they constitute a habitat for grazing animals, both domestic and wild. Despite their low productivity, rangelands have been used for thousands of years as a source of food and fibre, but other uses such as mining, tourism, recreation and conservation are exerting increasing demands. The result is often conflict between land-users and degradation of the resource.Consideration of these factors led to the development of the grazing area calculator. THE SYSTEM ... Figure l is a reduced diagram of the device used on l : l00 000 maps for measuring areas at l km2 accuracy, and distances at l km intervals.

Author:P. J. Joss, P. W. Lynch
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1986


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