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An exuberant collection of imagery, Railway depicts vintage, modern and futuristic train travel. With new and archive photography, and collectors' ephemera, a range of passenger experiences are shown, from the humble to the luxurious. It examines the design of exteriors and interiors, staff uniforms, food, corporate identity and graphics. It goes beyond the trainspotter's locomotive registration number to express the whole experience of train travel: from American chic on board the 20th Century Limited line in the 1950s to the opulence of the Venice-Simplon Orient Express; from the vibration-free Shinkansen en route to Kyoto to the steamy heat on board Blue Train Sleeper that deafeningly hoots its way across southern India. Railway is a fascinating mixture of nostalgia, human interest and contemporary design.Further east, the Pennsylvania Railroada#39;s New York to Chicago service included terrapin stew, oysters and clams (raw ... ladies could retire to the lounge car, and gentlemen could continue on to the club car to imbibe further, smoke cigars ... Manuals were issued to staff to ensure consistency of excellence, as the followinganbsp;...

Author:Keith Lovegrove
Publisher:Laurence King Publishing - 2004


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