Radio Monitoring

Radio Monitoring

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Radio Monitoring: Problems, Methods, and Equipment offers a unified approach to fundamental aspects of Automated Radio Monitoring (ARM). The authors discuss the development, modeling, design, and manufacture of ARM systems. Data from established and recent research are presented and recommendations are made on methods and approaches for solving common problems in ARM. The authors also provide classification and detailed descriptions of modern high-efficient hardware-software ARM equipment, including the equipment for detection, radio direction-finding, parameters measurement and their analysis, and the identification and localization of the electromagnetic field sources. Examples of ARM equipment structure, applications, and software are provided to manage a variety of complicated interference environment in the industrial centers, inside of the buildings, and in the open terrain. This book provides a reference for professionals and researchers interested in deploying ARM technology as a tool for solving problems from radio frequency spectrum usage control.6.13 Vector diagram for FSK signal The signals without phase jump at the package boundary (Continuous Phase FSK a€“ CPFSK) are ... So, for example, in the NMT-450 cellular communication standard, fast FSK (FFSK) is used at the sub-carrier with 1, 200 baud keying rate. ... of the modulating sequence (Mark), or 1.5 periods of oscillation with the frequency 1, 800 Hz, corresponding to zero ( Space) (Fig.

Title:Radio Monitoring
Author:Anatoly Rembovsky, Alexander Ashikhmin, Vladimir Kozmin, Sergey M. Smolskiy
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-07-24


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