Radio Frequency Transistors

Radio Frequency Transistors

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Cellular telephones, satellite communications and radar systems are adding to the increasing demand for radio frequency circuit design principles. At the same time, several generations of digitally-oriented graduates are missing the essential RF skills. This book contains a wealth of valuable design information difficult to find elsewhere. It's a complete 'tool kit' for successful RF circuit design. Written by experienced RF design engineers from Motorola's semiconductors product section. Book covers design examples of circuits (e.g. amplifiers; oscillators; switches; pulsed power; modular systems; wiring state-of-the-art devices; design techniques).[3] a€œPower Circuitsa€”DC to Microwave, a€ Technical Series SP-51, RCA Solid State, Somerville, NJ, 1969. [4] Various ... [7] Transistor Manual, Technical Series SC- 12, RCA, Electronics Components and Devices, Harrison, NJ, 1966. [8] Louanbsp;...

Title:Radio Frequency Transistors
Author:Helge Granberg
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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