Race, Ethnicity, and Crime

Race, Ethnicity, and Crime

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Melting pot or tossed salad? the U.S. criminal justice system may prove to be fueling intolerance rather than enabling society to accommodate racial and ethnic differences. This fresh new textbook to balance theory and the real world, addressing topics relating to race, ethnicity, criminality and criminalization, looking at the criminal justice system, the media, and the death penalty. In addition to information on crime and incarceration rates, White-collar crime, and the qtypical criminal, q the discussion of minorities and public perceptions is set within a broader context including the issues of terrorism and human trafficking, where race and ethnicity are also vital to public perceptions. the manual is designed for junior colleges and four year colleges, including those offering distance-learning courses. It is a thought-provoking combination of facts and questions. the pedagogical focus is on collaborative, problem-based learning, with foundational support for the development of critical thinking and analytical skills.contRoveRsies Be it resolved that because social science research has dem- onstrated the death penalty to be racist in application ... punishment as a basis for declaring the death penalty unconstitutional.328 In this case, data was present- ed to support an argument ... Available at www. deathpenaltyinfo. org/article. php ?did=539 326 The Use of the Death Penaltya€”A Paper Presented by the National anbsp;...

Title:Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
Author:Dianne Williams
Publisher:Algora Publishing - 2012


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