Quinten’s Choice

Quinten’s Choice

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Whatever happened to Vigo Halan? Quintens ChoiceAfter helping them successfully free a group of Transitionals held at the secret Rannler facility, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy suddenly disappeared. A year and a half later, Quinten still doesna€™t know what happened to her. Then he gets a message from the Telaris system that raises more questions than it answers. Is it Vigo? If so, what is she doing at the edge of Republic space? If it isna€™t, who are they, what do they want, and why are they using her name?Saff remained in the cockpit after the confirmation codes were sent, but Jeen rose , stretching muscles, before enteringthe passenger cabin. a€œEverythinga#39;s on ... Fior looked up from her small diagnostic padd. a€œPrimed and ... Even during hisbrief stay on Jaguar III, it had been obvious from their body language that Sage and theanbsp;...

Title:Quinten’s Choice
Author:KS Augustin
Publisher:Sandal Press - 2014-08-01


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