Quicksilver Moon

Quicksilver Moon

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In this sequel to Top 20 and #1 Best Seller qWhen Lightning Strikesq: The year is 1986 and the band InZane is on the brink of big things. Ariana Martineau is about to marry their guitarist and lead singer, Zane Moore. Tall and tan, with a smile that could stop traffic he is every girl's rock n' roll fantasy...right? At least that's what Ariana thought until her mother gives her a mysterious coin on the night before her wedding, assuring her that it is a centuries-old family heirloom once owned by a gypsy who'd found love across time, andif she keeps it with her all night, she will know her heart's true desire. A brisk wind and a bolt of lightning later, Ariana awakens to find herself in Northern France in the year 1487, in the home of Lord Spencer Douglas...the son of a wealthy land baron. In a world where women are treated as no more than chattel, and the mere mention of time travel would get you burned on a stake, Ariana is frightened out of her mind, when she realizes what has happened. And unable to utter a sound because of an injury to her throat during the lightning strike, she must rely on Lord Douglas's care and protection until her voice heals and she can somehow try to find a way back to her own time. Handsome, well-spoken...and engaged to be married in just a few weeks, the last thing Spencer needs or wants is a damsel in distress to look after, challenging his mind and tempting his body at every turn. He's resigned himself to the duties of his position and the quiet predictability of the arranged union his family has chosen for him. But quiet predictability is the last thing his life will soon be, as destiny has other plans in store if the path of fate is not guided in another direction. When Ariana and Spencer find themselves unwilling pawns in a sinister game of evil power and deception, they soon find that with the help of a mysterious Traveler, their very lives...and much more than simple matters of the heart are riding on their decisions. Will those decisions lead them to the love...and the future that awaits in that place and time beneath the Quicksilver Moon?Will those decisions lead them to the love...and the future that awaits in that place and time beneath the Quicksilver Moon?

Title:Quicksilver Moon
Author:Cynthia Lucas
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub - 2012-11-01


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