Quick English Compositions

Quick English Compositions

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The global environment demands English writing skill. QEC (Quick English Compositions) helps learners understand and practice English composition skills. Focusing on one essay type at a time, QEC can help you write better quickly, with many example patterns, focusing on the sentence level. QEC includes over 20 essay types and covers a wide range of essay topics. Guidelines help learners while writing. Obtain skills faster and more conveniently than ever. Improve your writing through many examples and an applied emphasis for ESL (English as a Second Language), EFL (English as a Foreign Language), and ESP (English for Specific Purposes) international students. This book is a companion to the QEC software, but can be used on its own, without the app. With this book, you will improve your English composition skill. Starting with the mechanics of punctuation, and sentence structure, you will be able to quickly reference English writing rules and view numerous examples. The next stage will guide you through paragraph construction, with an emphasis on making your writing clear. Lastly, over 20 types of compositions are explained, from admission to rhetoric. Each main topic includes practice exercises, with exercise answers included at end of book. Topics include: Part I Markings Unit 1 Quotation Marks Unit 2 Colon a Dash Unit 3 Two Commas Unit 4 Single Comma Unit 5 Semicolon Unit 6 Writing a List Unit 7 Possessive Form Unit 8 Capitalization Part II Sentences Unit 9 Parallelism Unit 10 Pronoun Unit 11 Verb-Noun Agreement Unit 12 Countable Noun/Noun Phrase Unit 13 Verb Tense Unit 14 Sentence Fragments Unit 15 Comma Splice Unit 16 Number Unit 17 Connectors Part III Paragraphs Unit 18 Beginning a Composition Unit 19 Paragraph Format Unit 20 Writing Guidelines Part IV Essays Unit 21 Admission Unit 22 Analysis Unit 23 Autobiography Unit 24 Argumentation Unit 25 Cause and Effect Unit 26 Comparison and Contrast Unit 27 Critique Unit 28 Definition Unit 29 Description Unit 30 Division and Classification Unit 31 Evaluation Unit 32 Exemplification Unit 33 Explication Unit 34 Exposition Unit 35 Invitation Unit 37 Literature Unit 38 Narration Unit 39 Opinion Unit 40 Persuasion Unit 41 Problem-Solution Unit 42 Process Unit 43 Resignation Unit 44 Reflection Unit 45 Review Unit 46 Rhetoric Appendix QEC Software Exercise AnswersBriefly discuss how your family, school, neighborhood, and background have impacted your educational goals and ... Write an essay in which youtellus about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why thisanbsp;...

Title:Quick English Compositions
Author:Clyde A. Warden, Judy F. Chen
Publisher:QBook International, Inc. - 2014-08-31


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