Questions and Answers on Finance of International Trade

Questions and Answers on Finance of International Trade

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This revision guide is intended to serve as a complement to the textbook. Its aim is essentially to provide past examination questions set by the Institute of Bankers and the examiners' own answers together with past questions set at the City of London Polytechnic and other questions, with their answers. This gives the reader a wider range of topics which reflects the contents of the textbook, and permits of selectivity to meet need. It is suggested that as each textbook chapter is read, the relevant section in the Revision Guide should be attempted in order to test knowledge and understanding, thereby further enhancing the learning process. To facilitate this, the guide is set out section by section, to match the chapters in the textbook. Several sections are prefaced by introductions to bridge the gap between textbook and questions. In addition, questions are presented in succeeding order of difficulty so that readers can move from the less to the more complex at their own speed. November 1985 L. Waxman vii Passing the Examination The Banking Diploma Stage 2 Examination Finance ofInternational Trade. The Institute of Bankers Diploma examinations take place twice yearly, in April and September. Prospective candidates who wish to prepare themselves as thoroughly as possible and who are using the associated textbook to this revision guide will find the question and answers which it contains an indispensable means of preparation for the examination paper qFinance ofInternational Tradeq.Option Contracts Whenever the text in the question indicates that there is no specific date on which currency receipts and/or payments are to be ... deal with balances as follows: (a) net balances to be sold (bought) forward (b) net balances to be sold (bought) spot (c) net balances of one currency to ... A basic response is always to offer your customer the most appropriate and cost efficient facility or advice.

Title:Questions and Answers on Finance of International Trade
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-12-01


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