Questions and Answers about Islam

Questions and Answers about Islam

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Islam, probably the most misunderstood religion in the world, is among the hot reading topics for people all over the world. 'Questions and Answers About Islam' have been prepared to provide first-hand information from one of the most leading Islamic scholars of our time. The first volume addresses the more essential questions concerning Islamic faith. For example: God and the nature of His existence; Can Islam solve every problem? Did Prophet Muhammad Write the Qur'an? Subjects like the Prophethood, Satan, etc are also examined. This second volume delves deeper into a variety of subjects that will help those who are embarking on the exploration of Islam: wisdom in the message of the Qur'an, ethics and spirituality, the virtues of service in Islam, the anticipation of the Mahdi and Messiah, etc. Although the questions included in the second volume, an independent reading is still possible, for each question/answer is a separate entity and the book does not develop one question from another.Let us now return to the question a€” do the appointed times of death of people who died en masse in natural disasters come to all of them at the same time? Yes , for those who died so, their appointed time of deaths did come at the sameanbsp;...

Title:Questions and Answers about Islam
Author:Fethullah Gülen
Publisher:Tughra Books - 2005


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