Quantum Physics of Matter

Quantum Physics of Matter

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Quantum Physics of Matter explores the way in which quantum physics determines the properties of materials. The quantum physics of solids, for example, dictates whether they are good insulators, conductors, semiconductors, or even superconductors. At a deeper level, it explores how the quantum physics of nuclei and elementary particles determines the stability of matter and hence the range of substances that came into existence through the big bang and the evolution of stars.Electron-hole creation by light is similar to the photoelectric effect (see QPI for details) where photons eject electrons from the surface of a metal. ... The metallic electrodes are connected to an external circuit (not shown) where heat is generated in a resistor. 2000 1000800 600500 400 wavelength A/nm 300 Figure 2.39 The solar spectrum (solar power as a function of ... This provides a good compromise between efficiency and expense for powering garden lights, pond fountains, caranbsp;...

Title:Quantum Physics of Matter
Author:Alan Durrant
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-01-01


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