Quantum Field Theory and String Theory

Quantum Field Theory and String Theory

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The Cargese Workshop qQuantum Field Theory and String Theoryq was held from May 10 to May 21, 1993. The broad spectrum of the work presented at the Workshop was the reflec tion of a time of intensive search for new ways of solving some of the most fun damental problems in string theory, quantum gravity and non-perturbative field theory. A number of talks indicated the emergence of new promising domains of investigation. It is this very diversity of topics which, in our opinion, represents one of the most attractive features of the present volume which we hope will provide a good orientation in the abundant flow of ideas and publications in modern quantum field theory. Many contributions to the present proceedings are concerned with two di mensional quantum field theory. The continuous advances in the domain of two dimensional integrable theories on the lattice as well as in the continuum, including conformal field theories, Liouville field theory and matrix models of two dimensional quantum gravity are very well represented. Other papers address physically realistic (and therefore very complicated) problems like de veloped turbulence, the Hofstadter problem, higher dimensional gravity and phenomenological strings. A new elegant class of topological field theories is presented. New ideas in the string representation of multicolor quantum chromo dynamics were widely discussed at the Workshop, more particularly the example of the exactly solvable two dimensional case.... by taking the loops of the singular shape, such as two infinitesimal loops R1, R2, connected by a couple of wires G)== =G) R R2 Fig.1. ... f (dr, 6ra -- radAaro) = f (dryAprg a€“ dr, 6r, ) (2.9) where integration by parts was used in the second term.

Title:Quantum Field Theory and String Theory
Author:L. Baulieu, Vladimir Dotsenko, Vladimir Kazakov, Paul Windey
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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