Quality Management Practices

Quality Management Practices

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This book is the outcome of the efforts of many professionals working both in academia and industry who have contributed to the proceedings of the International Conference on Quality Management Practices for Organizational Excellence . Organizational Excellence is a final product composed of two basic elements alloyed prudently by the members/stakeholders of an organization. These two basic elements are Strategy and Culture . When we talk of quality management practices, we have to pursue quality as a strategy and also quality as a culture . Quality as strategy is a conscious and deliberate search for a plan of action that will develop an organization's distinctive competence and compound it. Quality as culture is the amalgamation of behavior patterns of all the stakeholders in terms of beliefs, values, attitudes etc. In other words, quality management is the epicenter of the competitive organizations of the future in which strategy is the scientific pursuits and culture is the artistic artifacts. Numerous authors have put forth their logical thoughts, have articulated their concepts and have validated their hypothesis relating to quality management. The papers, which have found place in this book aim at creating values of quality management practices.The major components of warranty cost are labour cost, parts cost, and the cost of collection, storage and management of warranty data. ... are unpredictable future costs, which typically range from 2% to as much as 15% of net sales (Murthy, Djamaludin, 2002). ... USA, fuelled by the slow pace of Bridgestone/Firestonea#39;s recall of 6.5 million tyres used primarily on Ford Explorer vehicles, and the death ofanbsp;...

Title:Quality Management Practices
Author:R P Mohanty
Publisher:Excel Books India - 2008


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