Pyramid Arithmetic Multiplication Math Workbook

Pyramid Arithmetic Multiplication Math Workbook

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This colorful math workbook introduces a novel visual method for students to master their multiplication skills. The creative design helps to engage student interest, while the visual layout ties into one of the current pedagogical drives in education a€“ namely, to use visual strategies since research has shown them to be effective learning tools. These visual problems also help to develop visual skills. This volume focuses on multiplying integers with one to three digits. The back of the book features a table of answers to help students check that they are practicing correct techniques (or it may serve as a grading key for teachers or parents). A concise description of pyramid math a€“ including how to solve the problems a€“ is given in the introduction. The first page is partially completed and includes annotated instructions to help students get started. There are also completely answered examples on the front and back cover. Studying these examples and checking the answers to the first page will help students become confident that they understand what to do. The interior is printed in full color with aesthetic visual patterns. The 8a€ x 10a€ pages are nearly the same size as standard school papers that students are used to working with. Each problem includes its own dedicated workspace. Both the answers and workspaces are numbered from 1 thru 12 for easy correspondence. The workspaces encourage students to show their work, and the structure of the workspaces shows students how to organize their work in neat columns; students also get a little practice paying attention and making the correspondence between the answers and workspaces (otherwise they may inadvertently write a solution in the wrong place). The copyright notice permits parents/teachers who purchase one copy to make photocopies for their own children/students only. This is very convenient if you have multiple children/students or if a child/student needs additional practice. Teachers may also wish to display these colorful problems using a projective camera or a transparency overhead.This colorful math workbook introduces a novel visual method for students to master their multiplication skills.

Title:Pyramid Arithmetic Multiplication Math Workbook
Author:Chris McMullen, Chris Mcmullen, Ph.d.
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2010-12-01


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