Pulp Science Fiction

Pulp Science Fiction

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qPulp Science Fiction reads like a wild Saturday afternoon sci-fi double feature matinee from the q50s!qqThe passenger cleared his throat as he began his message. qMom. Mom, it's me. I don't have a lot of time, so please listen to me carefully. I'm not at school. I'm on my way to Buffalo to meet a woman who can help me stop something unimaginable. Mom, you've got to get out of the condo. You've got to get out of Lawrence. Just grab what you can and hire a cab and head west, as far and as fast as you can go. There is going to be an explosion. An airplane with a bomb in it is going to kill you and everyone around you. Mom, you've got to believe me. Mom, get out of there! Mom qThe passenger took a deep breath and continued.qMom, something fantastic has happened to me. I don't know why or how, but it's been astonishing. Mom, I know we haven't talked about this much lately, but I love you and I want you to be okay.qFor the first time since his episode on the sidewalk, he shed a tear-not out of self-pity-but out of happiness, because for the first time he felt that he had something important to lose, and life suddenly mattered to him.While she didna#39;t enjoy many hobbies and couldna#39;t get out of the house even if she had, Benson was a connoisseur of what she called pulp science fiction, which was her speculative fiction books, magazines, comics and films from the 1940sanbsp;...

Title:Pulp Science Fiction
Author:Douglas Parker
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-11


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