Protecting the Ozone Layer

Protecting the Ozone Layer

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In the 1970s the world became aware of a huge danger: the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer by CFCs escaping into the atmosphere, and the damage this could do to human health and the food chain. So great was the threat that by 1987 the UN had succeeded in coordinating an international treaty to phase out emissions; which, over the following 15 years has been implemented. It has been hailed as an outstanding success. It needed the participation of all the parties: governments, industry, scientists, campaigners, NGOs and the media, and is a model for future treaties. This volume provides the authoritative and comprehensive history of the whole process from the earliest warning signs to the present. It is an invaluable record for all those involved and a necessary reference for future negotiations to a wide range of scholars, students and professionals.Ozone-depletion sceptics claimed that the major multinational corporations such as DuPont and ICI had a common front to ... included in its report of 1994 a list of a#39; frequently asked questionsa#39; and answers to these questions to clarify doubts.

Title:Protecting the Ozone Layer
Author:Stephen O. Andersen, K. Madhava Sarma, Lani Sinclair
Publisher:Earthscan - 2012


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