Protecting Seniors Against Environmental Disasters

Protecting Seniors Against Environmental Disasters

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qThis book connects the dots between two powerful trends in the US: the rapid growth of the 65+ year old population and the marked increase in natural and human-caused environmental disasters. Inevitably, these two trends lead to more environmental disasters disproportionately impacting seniors, unless coordinated planning, regulations, and practice focus on identifying best risk management practices and implementing them. Built on a risk analysis framework, this book uses literature, interviews and case studies to find the best lessons learned about how to prevent seniors' exposure to low probability but high consequence events and how to protect the 65+ year old population when these events do occurq--Disasters I have tried to avoid using the word disaster until this point in the chapter because it is so overused that the term ... Media and entertainer use of the word as hyperbole is a more serious problem because their portrayals paint a biased negative image of risk management. ... of the Hindenburg as it tried to land in Lakehurst, New Jersey, in 1937; and the Bhopal Chemical disaster in India in 1984. ... The more important problem is the dominance of negative feelings and images.

Title:Protecting Seniors Against Environmental Disasters
Author:Michael R Greenberg
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-07-11


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