Prosperity, Poverty or Extinction?

Prosperity, Poverty or Extinction?

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In an unprecedented way, this book relates fundamental physical and ecological principles to economics so that the detachment of current economic practices from physical reality becomes obvious. Sustainable alternative models are proposed. Almost all the material is derived from the work of great minds of past and present. Forgotten and ignored ideas are resurrected. Ita€™s a book for intelligent, educated lay people, students and academics. That his forecasting is more successful than many prominent economistsa€™, and that respected figures are turning to views long held by him, gives the author confidence that his contribution is of value.Manufacture of the amount of steel in a Toyota Land Cruiser would emit at least 4 tonne of carbon dioxide. ... might have to be set aside to produce one Toyota every 100 years, assuming it is made from virgin steela€”quite a bit more than the Valesa#39; 0.41 ha for manufacture and running costs. ... Renewable fuel consumption for 10, 000 km (1, 100 L ofbiodiesel) requires 0.008 ha for a year ifthe most efficientanbsp;...

Title:Prosperity, Poverty or Extinction?
Author:Allen Cookson
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-12-11


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