Programming Entity Framework: Code First

Programming Entity Framework: Code First

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Take advantage of the Code First data modeling approach in ADO.NET Entity Framework, and learn how to build and configure a model based on existing classes in your business domain. With this concise book, youa€™ll work hands-on with examples to learn how Code First can create an in-memory model and database by default, and how you can exert more control over the model through further configuration. Code First provides an alternative to the database first and model first approaches to the Entity Data Model. Learn the benefits of defining your model with code, whether youa€™re working with an existing database or building one from scratch. If you work with Visual Studio and understand database management basics, this book is for you. Learn exactly what Code First doesa€”and does nota€”enable you to do Understand how property attributes, relationships, and database mappings are inferred from your classes by Code First Use Data Annotations and the Fluent API to configure the Code First data model Perform advanced techniques, such as controlling the database schema and overriding the default model caching This book is a continuation of author Julia Lermana€™s Programming Entity Framework, widely recognized as the leading book on the topic.If you have completed Chapter 6, you have already installed the runtime. If not, see a€œInstalling SQL Server Compact Editiona€ on page 135. You may also remember that in Chapter 6 we had to change our model to target SQL Compact.

Title:Programming Entity Framework: Code First
Author:Julia Lerman, Rowan Miller
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2011-11-18


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