Problems in Analytic Number Theory

Problems in Analytic Number Theory

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This informative and exhaustive study gives a problem-solving approach to the difficult subject of analytic number theory. It is primarily aimed at graduate students and senior undergraduates. The goal is to provide a rapid introduction to analytic methods and the ways in which they are used to study the distribution of prime numbers. The book also includes an introduction to p-adic analytic methods. It is ideal for a first course in analytic number theory. The new edition has been completely rewritten, errors have been corrected, and there is a new chapter on the arithmetic progression of primes.D 10.2.7 (Polynomial form of Hensela#39;s lemma) Suppose f(a) e Zp[a] and that there exist g1, h1 e (Z/pZ)[a] such that f(a) = g1(a) hi(a) (mod p), with (gi, hi) = 1, g1(a) monic. Then there exist polynomials g(v), h(a) e Zp[a] such that g(a) is monic, anbsp;...

Title:Problems in Analytic Number Theory
Author:U.S.R. Murty
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-04-16


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