Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory

Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory

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This volume contains a variety of problems from classical set theory and represents the first comprehensive collection of such problems. Many of these problems are also related to other fields of mathematics, including algebra, combinatorics, topology and real analysis. Rather than using drill exercises, most problems are challenging and require work, wit, and inspiration. They vary in difficulty, and are organized in such a way that earlier problems help in the solution of later ones. For many of the problems, the authors also trace the history of the problems and then provide proper reference at the end of the solution.... if and only if with G1 = max{T1, m1}, Q2 = max{T2, m2} we have G1 alt; G2 or G1 = G2 and mi alt; m2, or G1 = G2 and m = m2 and T1 alt; T2. For aamp; 4 ft let Ag = {(T. m) : max{T, m} = {}. On Ag the ordering given by a€“ is the following: (aamp;, 0) a€“ (aamp;, 1) a€” .

Title:Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory
Author:Peter Komjath, Vilmos Totik
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-11-22


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