Probability and Combinatorics

Probability and Combinatorics

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This book covers a selection of topics on combinatorics, probability and discrete mathematics useful to the students of MCA, MBA, computer science and applied mathematics. The book uses a different approach in explaining these subjects, so as to be equally suitable for the students with different backgrounds from commerce to computer engineering. This book not only explains the concepts and provides variety of solved problems, but also helps students to develop insight and perception, to formulate and solve mathematical problems in a creative way. The book includes topics in combinatorics like advance principles of counting, combinatorial identities, concept of probability, random variables and their probability distributions, discrete and continuous standard distributions and jointly random variables, recurrence relations and generating functions. This book completely covers MCA syllabus of Pune University and will also be suitable for undergraduate science courses like B.Sc. as well as management courses.Then the normal curve fitted using the p.d.f. ... The c.d.f. of Standard Normal distribution F(Z) is extensively plotted and given as tables for various values of Z. This is nothing but the area under the curve of p.d.f. of Standard Normal distribution.

Title:Probability and Combinatorics
Author:D.P. Apte
Publisher:Excel Books India - 2007


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