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Pro WF

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is a revolutionary part of the .NET 4 Framework that allows you to orchestrate human and system interactions as a series of workflows that can be easily mapped, analyzed, adjusted, and implemented. As business problems become more complex, the need for workflow-based solutions has never been more evident. WF provides a simple and consistent way to model and implement complex problems. As a developer, you focus on developing the business logic for individual workflow tasks. The runtime handles the execution of those tasks after they have been composed into a workflow. Pro WF: Windows Workflow in .NET 4 provides you with the skills you need to incorporate WF in your applications, using a lively tutorial style with each example illustrated in C#. This book gets you up to speed with WF 4 quickly and comprehensively. Learn about WF 4a€™s new designer, ita€™s updated programming paradigm, and the completely new set of activities that can enable and extend your workflows. This book also includes detailed coverage of how to customize your workflows and access them in a variety of ways and situations so you can maximize the advantages of this technology. What youa€™ll learn WF 4 basics New activities and changes to existing activities in WF 4 Customizing your workflows Accessing your workflows in a variety of ways in a variety of situations Using WF with Web Services and ASP.NET Integrating WCF and WF Who this book is for This book is for intermediate to advanced .NET developers who need to learn how to use the latest version of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF 4). This book is not a primer on .NET or the C# language. To get the most out of the examples presented in this book, it is necessary to have a good working knowledge of .NET 2.0 or higher. All of the examples are presented in C#. Table of Contents A Quick Tour of Windows Workflow Foundation Foundation Overview Activities Workflow Hosting Procedural Flow Control Collection-Related Activities Flowchart Modeling Style Host Communication Workflow Services Workflow Services Advanced Topics Workflow Persistence Customizing Workflow Persistence Transactions, Compensation, and Exception Handling Workflow Tracking Enhancing the Design Experience Advanced Custom Activities Hosting the Workflow Designer WF 3.x Interop and MigrationNET 4 Bruce Bukovics. Valid service contract names include a namespace and a contract name (typically specified as an interface name). ... This property is set for you when a ReceiveAndSendReply activity template is added to the workflow.

Title:Pro WF
Author:Bruce Bukovics
Publisher:Apress - 2010-06-29


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