Pro Apache

Pro Apache

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This book aims to teach you everything you need to know to build, install, and configure every aspect of Apache, the world's most popular Web server. Two versions of Apache are available as of this book's publication. Apache 1.3 is still widely used and is continuously updated. Apache 2 offers new and powerful features, such as multi-processsing modules and filters, as well as a revised and expanded build system for compiling Apache from source. This book comprehensively covers both server versions, presenting up-to-date information and examples, and highlighting variations bettween the two releases in context. In addition, this book is organized to provide solutions to common problems. It answers the questions that administrators like you typically ask, without requiring that you know the name of a specific Apache module or directive beforehand. This book also demonstrates multiple solutions to a problem, and contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. After reading Pro Apache, you'll know not only how to get the results you want, but also why a solution works the way it does. Finally, this book examines how to accomplish more advanced configurations, where individual features must cooperate with each other intelligently. Now in its third edition, the expertise found in Pro Apache makes it the definitive guide to harnessing the power of Apache safely and securely.Use man ifconfig to bring up the manual page for ifconfig on your system. ... Both these utilities enable an administrator to examine the packets being sent on a network. snoop is available on Solaris, and tcpdump is a free tool of similar capability available on ... Pinging the Server ping, the simplest and handiest network tool.

Title:Pro Apache
Author:Peter Wainwright
Publisher:Apress - 2004-01-22


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