Private International Law and the Retrospective Operation of Statutes

Private International Law and the Retrospective Operation of Statutes

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Savigny, Friedrich Carl von. Private International Law, and the Retrospective Operation of Statutes: A Treatise On the Conflict of Laws, and the Limits of Their Operation in Respect to Place and Time. Translated, With Notes, by William Guthrie. With an Appendix Containing the Treatises of Bartolus, Molinaeus, Paul Voet, and Huber. Edinburgh: T. a T. Clark, Law Publishers, 1880. xii, 567 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 2003052774. ISBN 1-58477-367- 7. Cloth. $150. * Reprint of the second revised edition. Savigny [1779-1861] was an important German jurist and an excellent scholar of Roman law. A principal member of the historical school of jurisprudence, he had a keen interest in its role in the subsequent development of European law. Private International Law is a volume drawn from his System of Modern Roman Law (1840-1849), an eight-volume study of contemporary legal systems based on Roman law. As the translator observes, this volume is valuable because it qdeals with a subject of great practical importance, as to which the opinions of foreign jurists have always been respected in the British courts. And not only has the eighth volume itself been cited as an authority in our tribunals, but English writers have borrowed and enforced its doctrines with more or less exactness of reproductionq (Introduction, 9). Beyond its lucid exposition of a complex subject, this book offers a wonderful introduction to Savigny's monumental study. With an appendix containing a biography of Savigny and an index of English and Scottish cases.529, 546; Lond. 1852. Kayea#39;s Administration of East India Co., 318 seqq., 417 seqq. ; Lond. 1854. Moneya#39;s Java, vol. ii. 1-121, Lond. 1861. Sleemana#39;s Tour through Oude. As to the law applicable to Parsees, see Perozeboye Tr Ardaseer Cursetjee, 10 Moore, P.C. 375; Perrya#39;s Or. Ca. ... A penal code, prepared in 1837 by a commission of which Lord Macaulay was president, was enacted by Act xlv. of 1860anbsp;...

Title:Private International Law and the Retrospective Operation of Statutes
Author:Friedrich Karl von Savigny
Publisher:The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. - 2003-01-01


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