Principles of Terrane Analysis

Principles of Terrane Analysis

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Since the 1960s, the general theory of plate tectonics has provided a clear link between the geological processes of seafloor spreading, subduction and mountain building. However, details of how this theory relates to continental tectonics are still unclear; the nature of the theory itself may depend upon the recent interpretation of tectonostratigraphic terranes, areas where geologic relations are uncertain, suspect and possibly unrelated. This book introduces the reader to the principles of terrane analysis, and describes how accretion tectonics relates to classic plate tectonic theory and what this represents in terms of mountain building and continental growth processes. A forensic-like investigation of continental geology is detailed, integrating many different sub-disciplines of the Earth Sciences. The concepts outlined have a practical bent and help to explain the nature and occurrences of petroleum and metallic mineral deposits. Written in a lively manner, the author conveys his enthusiasm for the subject and puts across complex ideas in a way that is easy to comprehend. Senior undergraduates and graduate students will find this a useful synthesis of structural geology and tectonics. Petroleum and mineral explorationists, paleogeographers, structural geologists and earthquake seismologists will also find the ideas condensed in this advanced text invaluable.The accretion of Shikoku Ridge and Umnak Plateau, as well as accretionary tectonics in southeastern Alaska, may have ... forcing the southward jump in the location of subduction. that will help answer these questions involves determining the age ... On a more theoretical basis, there is another dynamic regime that could result in the fracturing of the upper plate of a ... asthenosphere is directed toward the zone of mass deficiency, and this produces a suction force upon the upper plate.

Title:Principles of Terrane Analysis
Author:D.G. Howell
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1995


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