Principles and Practice of Business Continuity

Principles and Practice of Business Continuity

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This comprehensive how-to guide captures the distilled wisdom and experience of Jim Burtles, a founding fellow of the Business Continuity Institute; an internationally renowned figure in business continuity with over 30 years of experience and teaching across 22 countries; and a veteran of practical experience that includes recovery work with victims of events such as bombings, earthquakes, storms and fires, along with technical assistance/ support in more than 90 disasters, and advice/guidance for clients in over 200 emergency situations. As such, this book is a gold mine of practical information, based on solid theoretical underpinnings. It is an ideal combination of the practice of business continuity - standards, best practices, global perspectives - and, the process of business continuity - planning, development, implementation, and maintenance. Jim presents a clear picture of not only how to do what needs to be done, but why. By striking a balance between theory and practice, Jim's approach makes the reader's job much easier and more effective. Illustrated with numerous charts, forms and checklists, the book covers business continuity management from start to finish: understanding risks; assessing impact and developing a Business Impact Analysis; choosing contingency strategies; emergency response processes and procedures; salvage and restoration; disaster recovery; developing business continuity plans, including those for business continuity, emergency response, crisis management, function restoration, and disaster recovery; maintaining long term continuity; reviewing and auditing plans; exercising and testing plans; crisis management; dealing with various personnel issues before, during and after a crisis; and working with a variety of agencies and people, including local authorities, regulators, insurers, fire and rescue personnel, and neighbors. This comprehensive reference based on years of practical experience will ensure that the reader is in a position to engage in all of the activities associated with the development, delivery, exercise and maintenance of a business continuity program. There is a glossary of 90 business continuity terms. The accompanying downloadable BCP Tool Kit has 24 planning and analysis tools, including sample plans for evacuation, emergency response, and crisis management; scripts and plot development tools for creating exercises to test and audit plans; analysis tools for fire exposure, service impact, resource requirements, etc. It also includes checklists, case studies, and Web references. In addition to those highlighted above, this book includes additional important features: Ideal for senior undergraduate, MBA, certificate, and corporate training programs. Chapter overviews and conclusions; charts, graphs and checklists throughout Glossy of 90 business continuity terms. Downloadable Business Continuity Tool Kit, including templates of a sample business continuity plan, evacuation plan, emergency response plan, crisis management plan; case studies and exercises; student assignments; Websites; reader self-assessment. Instructor Materials, including PowerPoint slides, Syllabus and Instructor's Manual for 8-week course, with emphasis on student role playing. Author is a business continuity management pioneer and legendAs such, this book is a gold mine of practical information, based on solid theoretical underpinnings.

Title:Principles and Practice of Business Continuity
Author:Jim Burtles, KLJ, CMLJ, FBCI
Publisher:Rothstein Publishing - 2015-01-01


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