Preying on the Innocent

Preying on the Innocent

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How do you deal with a mother whose behavior fits the label sociopath? What are the chances you'll follow in her footsteps? Those are the questions that haunt Maggie Egan on the day she meets Rocco DeCullo-in a psychiatrist's office. In spite of Rocco's struggle with social anxiety, they rapidly cultivate a friendship that plunges them into the middle of a double murder. A teenage son came home to find the beaten and butchered bodies of his parents. Maggie knows the victims as former friends of her parents. Rocco knows the son. As their connections to the murders multiply, danger threatens. When a third murder occurs, Maggie's mother becomes a person of interest. Her father is the prime suspect. As Maggie works to clear her father, Evanston police work feverishly to make sense of the few clues they have. With the assistance of Maggie, Rocco, and ABC TV investigative reporter Sandra Anderson, they add pieces to the puzzle, but will they find a solution? And will they find the answer soon enough? As each day goes by, a sea of contamination spreads, lives are ruined, and human leeches continue to prey on the innocent.She pulled her car keys from her purse and punched the button on the garage door opener that hung from her key ring. The door of the detached garage rose as she locked the back door to the house. Her Toyota Sienna was centeredanbsp;...

Title:Preying on the Innocent
Author:Phil Denapoli
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-05-01


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