Presenting Futures

Presenting Futures

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Welcome to the ?rst volume of the Yearbook of Nanotechnology in Society! Nanotechnology, hailed as a€œthe next industrial revolutiona€ (NSTC 2000) and c- tiqued for being little more than a€œhypea€ (Berube 2006), is the site of a great deal of social and intellectual contest. With some ten billion dollars being spent worldwide on nanotechnology research and development annually and a market forecast of trillions of dollars in sales in the medium-term future (Lux Research 2006), nations and ?rms are pursuing nano-related goals with high levels of both effort and - pectations. Yet according to the Woodrow Wilson International Centera€™s web-based Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory, most of the more than 500 na- products on the market as of this writing are basic consumer itemsa€”cosmetics, clothing, athletic equipment and the likea€”with modest, incremental improvements on their non-nano counterparts. Nanotechnology is also the site of an increasing amount of scholarship dedicated to understanding the interactions between society and an emerging knowled- based technological endeavor. Searching the Web of Science indices in social s- ence and humanities for nanotech* and nanoparticle*, for example, yields 231 hits 1 since 1990, but 75 percent of these occur in 2004 through 2007. This scholarship attempts to fathom the implications of nanotechnologies for society, as well as the implications for nanotechnologies of society. Some of it is also engaged in dialogue with both the public and with nanotechnology researchers about the hope and the hype described above.These commercial moves in nanomedicine mean research, in vitro diagnostics, and in vivo diagnostics arena#39;t separate markets any ... overall Raamp;D budget; and large programs in several divisions must develop next-generation products based on nanoscale innovations. ... can download and play any arcade game you desire; a $100 iPod nano can store more music than any consumer could legally own;anbsp;...

Title:Presenting Futures
Author:Erik Fisher, Cynthia Selin, Jameson Wetmore
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-05-22


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