Practical VCR Repair

Practical VCR Repair

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This textbook bridges the gap between the sometimes overly simple VCR repair guides aimed at the average do-it-yourself and the highly technical manuals designed for use by experienced radio and TV bench technicians. Complete coverage includes both the qhow'sq and qwhy'sq of maintaining VHS VCRs, as well as discussion of the practical aspects of interfacing with VCR repair customers. Everything from reading schematics, to use of test equipment, to tips for protecting the VCR and the technician during servicing are included. The reader-friendly style, supported by numerous photos and illustrations and a comprehensive glossary of acronyms and abbreviations, makes this book ideal for use by today's electronics students.Figure 12.6 is the complete power supply schematic, represented by simplified diagrams in Figures 12.4 and 12.5. ... spring clips on board hold tubular glass fuse a€” C91 AC line noise suppression capacitor a€” L91 AC line noise filter choke , composed of two separate 0. ... Locate the following electrolytic filter capacitors and notice the polarity of each, indicated by a + mark: a€” C2, 10, 000uF filter for bridgeanbsp;...

Title:Practical VCR Repair
Author:Dave Ronan
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 1995


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