Practical Teacher's Autism Manual

Practical Teacher's Autism Manual

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Autistic students can be difficult to understand in a classroom setting. They have complex issues related to their diagnosis. Each issue can effect the quality of their education. Each Autistic student has their own personality and interests, so it makes each one very individualistic and special. The book covers the Individual Education Plan, sensory issues, communication issues, friendship issues, scheduling, behavior modification plan, object fixations, and much more on issues. The book also includes website resoures and a glossary of Special Education terms. I speak in generalities since no two Autistic students are alike. This book was written by a volunteer parent educator with over a decade's worth of experience. This book is written for teachers educating Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Apserger's Syndrome students.Dawn Lucan. trouble retaining what they have learned in skills. It has to be a significant regression in skills to qualify. Typically, it could be at least a month or more of skills. They will either attend summer school or attend a summer campanbsp;...

Title:Practical Teacher's Autism Manual
Author:Dawn Lucan - 2010-05-17


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