Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook, Second Edition

Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook, Second Edition

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Providing examples of applications, this handbook examines the underlying technology of each type of power vacuum tube device in common use today. The author reports on new development efforts and explains the benefits of specific work. Basic principles are discussed, and supporting mathematics are included to clarify the material presented. Extensive technical illustrations and schematic diagrams aid the reader in understanding the maxims of the subject. What's New in the Second Edition? Reviews the latest in new vacuum tube technology - new devices and refinements of existing devices that extend power and frequency capabilities Identifies new applications for commercial and scientific research Examines new frontiers on materials science - directly impacting construction, reliability, and performance Outlines new methods of power tube design - yielding more efficient, lasting tubes Describes new modulation methods affecting power tube design and application, including digital technologies239 Figure 5.14 Screen-modulated Doherty-type circuit. 241 Figure 5.15 Practical implementation of a screen-modulated Doherty-type 1 MW power amplifier ( Continental Electronics). 242 Figure 5.16 Terman- Woody ard high-efficiencyanbsp;...

Title:Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook, Second Edition
Author:Jerry Whitaker
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-05-24


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