Power Electronics Design

Power Electronics Design

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This highly practical, applications-oriented book is focused on high power semiconductor technology in large motor drives, power supplies, power conversion, and electric utility auxiliaries. The author intends to produce a thorough guide to power basics for electronics engineers, putting the overall design process into perspective by introducing and explaining the primary and subsidiary electronic components that are required in order to build a successful power system. It contains a wealth of practical design information and hundreds of explanatory diagrams, as well as many examples of potential pitfalls in the design process. A unique aspect of the book is it's thorough coverage of the ancillary apparatus associated with power electronics, a key topic which is glossed over in other power electronics texts. The author approaches all these matters with simple, directed language and no more mathematics than necessary. BENEFIT TO THE READER: This book is intended as a reference book covering design considerations that are not obvious and are better not learned the hard way. Having it on the shelf will be the next-best-thing to having a mentor with a quarter-century of experience to guide the practitioner through power electronics design and implementation personally. The information presented is highly useful to the design engineer yet is understandable to the sales engineer, drafter or technician. *A down-to-earth approach, free of complex jargon and esoteric information. *Over 200 illustrations to clarify discussion points. *Examples of costly design goofs will provide invaluable cautionary advice.Fuel cells and inverters provide ultra-reliable power for critical industries. ... Lamp dimmers allow control of residential lighting levels. Motor ... They bring precise speed and torque control with lower energy use. IGBT choppers in DC arc furnaces have tamed the power factor and flicker problems of AC furnaces and reducedanbsp;...

Title:Power Electronics Design
Author:Keith H. Sueker
Publisher:Elsevier - 2005


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