Possessed Mentalities

Possessed Mentalities

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qqPossessed Mentalitiesq is an honest account of a very painful tragedy. Two of Maxene Kleier's daughters developed schizophrenia; then one killed the other. Ms. Kleier recounts the circumstances and makes the reader realize how cruel the disease schizophrenia can be. She reminds us that many individuals, despite, modern medications, do not respond well and require extensive psychiatric monitoring. Ms. Kleier is brave to tell her story. I recommend it to all families with a seriously ill family member.q--E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. Author of qSurviving Schizophreniaq and other outstanding books ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Senator Bob Graham, February 9, 2005, when signing my copy of his book, qIntelligence Matters, q kindly wrote, qTo Maxene, to an author who really knows how to write. In person and in works, you demonstrate that indeed intelligence does matter.q ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- qMaxene Kleier has written a book that will astound and educate you and finally broaden your knowledge of mental illness and what it is to be human. In a psychotic delusional state one of her daughters stabbed and killed another daughter who also suffered from mental illness. Most people, I think, would have just collapsed and folded rather than deal with a tragedy so immense and close. Maxene Kleier went on because she had to. We are the richer because she also went on to write a remarkably clear- eyed very readable account of what mental illness is and how she has fought to save her family and herself. It is a story of remarkable grace under pressure.q--Mark Vonnegut, M.D., Author of qEden ExpressqSALE. OF. VALUABLE. PERSONAL. PROPERTY. Having moved tAr Florida, wAl Ar ill sell at Public Auction *t 373 S. Warr.e Ave.. at. 9:30. A.M.. SAT., . JUNE. 25. ( the followine: a#39; i Lot end table*, walnut droplea/ It I We, 90aquot; walnut droplsaf table, walnut card table, card table top, walnut dropleaf ... 2 fire screens; brass fireside set* imrt brass andirons, bookcases, wardrobe, lot hassocks, comb, radio, Helicra /teranbsp;...

Title:Possessed Mentalities
Author:Maxene Obenschain Kleier
Publisher:iUniverse, Inc - 2005


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